Cyber Security for Postquantum era

The development of large-scale universal quantum computers would render virtually all of today’s public-key cryptography insecure. That’s because the underlying mathematical problems (i.e., factorization or the discrete-logarithm problem) can be solved in polynomial time on a quantum computer using Shor’s algorithm. So far, a quantum computer that can run Shor’s algorithm to break public-key cryptography with currently used key lengths does not exist. However, in the recent years, significant progress has been made at least with respect to the relevant basic research.(Source BSI

Qcrypt Technology

Qcrypt is a Berlin based hub for research and development of patentable custom and out-of-the-box solutions to real-life problems through the application of quantum physics combined with existing technologies. QLab as the research and consulting branch work in developing new technologies such as Quantum Detectors and Photon Sources, whilst QFactory builds industrial quantum products for the mass market and specific industries such as Healthcare and Automotive.

The initial focus of QLab is cyber security. We are developing a set of platform solutions to address the security requirements of large, mid-sized and small German companies faced with new EU legislation requiring a significant and demonstrable increase in tech related security.

Quantum encryption related patents are currently being filed and QLab’s security solutions are being tested in the open market by a number of commercial partners.

We provide a complete Infrastructure as a Service solution for cyber security matters using our proprietary quantum-encryption software and appliance.

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